Chaderton: Opposition lacks leadership to make decisions on their own

Hace 5 días.

Roy Chaderton, who is part of the National Government’s delegation for dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition, said on Monday that sectors of the right wing lack leadership “to be able to say no” to pressures from external agents.

“In the end they are all weak, that leadership of the opponents is very weak and there is not a single leader, nor a character good enough to be an interlocutor able to say no to the President of Colombia, for example”, he said during an. interview granted to VTV.

The diplomat stressed that at the dialogue table held in the Dominican Republic both parties had reached an agreement “with acceptance and suggestions from the opposition”, however detailed that a call from Colombia – a country which was being visited by the Secretary of State of the United States, Rex Tillerson, who was holding a meeting with President Juan Manuel Santos – ordered the opposition delegation not to sign the agreement.

“There was nothing to do that day anymore, but to sign”, he said, while describing this action by the opposition as an “act of shame.”

“You have to be very shameless not to subscribe to a document that you have contributed to elaborate detail by detail, and where expectations have been met”, he said.

He said that during the talks that took place in the Dominican Republic, the opposition delegation showed “little ethical value”.

“The meetings were very frequent, very recurrent because we were just moving forward and from each proposal of ours came one of theirs”, he said.

In this regard, Chaderton highlighted the commitment of the President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, and the former President of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero; to contribute to the peace of Venezuelans.

The National Government left an open path for dialogue with the opposition despite this refusal of the right wing to sign the agreement -already signed by the Executive branch – for the coexistence and peace of all Venezuelans.

Without realizing it, we act as if we were not about to be invaded militarily

“We are not realizing, Chavistas and ordinary citizens, that we are acting as if it was not true that we are about to be invaded by several military powers and some vassal governments such as that of the Colombian oligarchy”, said the diplomat.

Chaderton recommended to all the Venezuelan people not to trivialize the threats that loom today against the country and to understand that the country has many enemies.

“I would say in the first place to realize what is happening, do not banalize, may our people not believe that the wolf does not come, because it can come, that the enemies are many, (although) we also have friends”, he said.

He commented that in case of being attacked militarily, Venezuela has the capacity to make resistance very costly for the other party, because of its firepower and mobilization. “They should also be aware and prepare for each corner to be a trench and each window the place of a patriot sniper”, he suggested.