Chaderton: NAM shields Venezuela against any international intervention

Hace 2 años.

Roy Chaderton, Venezuelan diplomat, said on Monday that Venezuela’s presidency of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement strengthens the nation against any possible international intervention.

During the “Siete Preguntas” (Seven Questions) program, hosted by journalist Ernesto Villegas and broadcast by the multistate TV station Telesur, the also lawyer said that “We are pleased with this opportunity where there is a possibility to do a lot and where any chance of anyone hurting us is restricted”.

He added that the 120 NAM member nations delivered to the Head of State a strengthened body, “And Maduro delivered a strengthened Venezuela”.

He explained that against any onslaught, Venezuela would be shielded by the entire world.

The diplomat said Nicolas Maduro is not the only president who has had to face difficult situations, “but if it is of the few capable of overcoming the traps.”

He explained that the situation that currently exists in Venezuela has been induced and that the Bolivarian government is working to reverse any errors that may have been taken to create chaos in the nation by unscrupulous sectors.

“I do not think there is a democratic option for the opposition, because it does not have an intelligent option”