Cabello: Opposition has no popular support for a revoking referendum

Hace 2 años.

The deputy by the Homeland Block, Diosdado Cabello, said on Thursday regarding the destabilization plan announced by the right wing which they called “The roadmap”, that again they showed their disunity and, may any event arise, the revolutionaries are prepared to make stability and peace prevail.

“A coup d’ etat is not given by whoever wants to do so, but by whoever can do it. Our Constitution provides for the revoking referendum, it is the only way (…) even with that they have not been able to agree themselves. President Maduro will not resign under any circumstances (…) he has our full support, mine personally and that of the PSUV” he said during an interview he gave to the” Radio Republica” station of Ecuador.

He also added, “Would they raise an amendment, it would be for the next President, not for the one who is active nowadays”.

On the new aggression of the empire with the ratification of the Executive Order declaring Venezuela as an unusual and extraordinary threat to the US,  he said not to be surprised, “The country that violates human rights the most is the US, it is part of the attacks against the Bolivarian Revolution.

In this regard, he stressed that international organizations such as ALBA and Mercosur have already given their support to Venezuela. “It is very important the union among Latin American countries, right now we are helping each other”.

Regarding the case of the Amnesty Law, he explained that this is given in the world “When the victims forgive their victimizers”, while in Venezuela they want to do just the opposite and let the perpetrators be shown as victims of the Government”.