Cabello: In here nobody is dealing the dismissal of President Maduro

Hace 2 años.

The deputy to the National Assembly by the Homeland Bloc, Diosdado Cabello, reacted on Wednesday to statements given by leader Juan Barreto, who has repeatedly said that the Constitutional President of the Republic has been asked to negotiate his dismissal.

“John, you should know that I am not misinformed (…) You said that the dismissal of Nicholas is being negotiated, but this Revolution is not to be negotiated, nobody came here to betray the people, (we remain) with a knee on the ground”, he added.

He explained that when their ideals begin to match those of the Venezuelan right wing, you may determine that something is going wrong.

“When I start attacking the organizations of the Revolution without contributing anything to improve something, then I’m doing wrong.”

The Deputy invited the Revolutionary forces to keep on on fighting stand to ensure the stability of the nation and the constitutionality of its institutions.