Cabello: Chavez came out the Military Academy to speak out for the people

Hace 2 años.

This Sunday, during his participation in a caravan that took place in Caracas, as part of the programmed activities to commemorate three years of the planting of Commander Hugo Chavez, the deputy of the Parliamentary Homeland Bloc, Diosdado Cabello, urged the Venezuelans to remember the revolutionary leader as a man who came out from the Military Academy of Venezuela to raise his voice for the people.

“We must remember that Chavez made into people, made into history, love and solidarity (…) we must remember that he came out the Military Academy of Venezuela to speak out for those who had no voice”, he said.

Likewise, Cabello urged the Venezuelans to be on alert against the imperial mechanisms, with which is being put pressure on the free peoples of America, such as Venezuela, “We must be more united than ever in order to defend the homeland, let’s face this storm, which we will defeat”, he said.

He further stressed that dates such as March 5 and 6, are painful for the people, because they evoke the moment when the revolutionary leader physically departed, but that should become the strength to  raise up the face and the morals.

The activities programmed to commemorate the planting of Commander Chavez will be held throughout the entire country until next March 15.