Bolivarian Revolution is the only guarantee of peace in Venezuela

Hace 3 meses.

The first Vice President of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, assured that the only guarantee of peace in Venezuela is the Bolivarian Revolution.

“In unity we are invincible, when Hugo Chávez arrived and he called us to unite around the country, the right wing began to disintegrate” said Cabello

During the 189th broadcast of the program “Con el Mazo Dando” (Hiting with the Hammer), he assured that 2018 is the year of definitions. “What do we expose ourselves to if the Revolution comes to reverse? Today we fight for the Revolution to be irreversible”.

“A people rose in here in 1989, the supermarkets were full, but the people could not buy, now imagine a government by the right wing touching the two million families, knocking on the door to pay with free interests, or closing the UNEFA (Armed Forces’s University) because it will be privatized”.

He urged the Bolivarian militancy not to echo the rumors emanating from sectors of the right wing that intend to attack the national economy.

“I say this because there are comrades who echo rumors. Some companions are upset because (salaries) increased in a 40%, but they do not get bothered because the traders increase a 300% on their products prices. Let’s not make echo of the rumors (…) let’s feel that now truly is that we have a long way to go, to keep going ahead,always fighting” he said.