Bolivarian Government will remain deployed to ensure peace

Hace 2 años.

Aristobulo Isturiz, Vice President if the Republic, on Friday night made a balance of the actions executed by the Bolivarian Government towards ensuring peace and full stability of the nation.

He said the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV, in the company of 800 Bolívar-Chávez Battle Units, have been deployed throughout the Capital District in order to refine strategies and defeat the opinion matrixes that are created by the Venezuelan right wing.

In a meeting with social movements and People’s Struggle Circles (CLP), the Vice President manifested they have held meetings with the Local Committees of Supply and Distribution (CLAP), and the CLPs of the Bolivarian party, in order to delineate the strategies of defense of the revolution and to ensure peace.

He stressed that due to the constant attacks that have tried to execute against President Maduro, they reaffirmed their support for the Head of State and totally reject the attempts to overthrow his government by the US empire.

Isturiz explained that the coup-plotting right wing has raised the disowning of the President through the economic funding of imperialism, the embassy of the United States and the reactionary right wing of Europe, “Which pose from the National Assembly the disowning of all organisms.”

“The party can not remain with its arms crossed at that, with the systematic failure of all actions of the opposition there is despair, international pressures, they want for something to happen in Venezuela before the elections in Spain, and the people is the one suffering that”, he added.

The Vice President enhanced that, in favor of the nation, it is necessary for the Venezuelans to remain mobilized, and therefore he announced some meetings of the People with President Maduro for the coming days.

“On Tuesday we will have a mobilization of the African descents that will end in Miraflores with the Homeland Congress, in support of Maduro, of the Revolution and Peace; On Wednesday there will be a demonstration of the Christians, and on Thursday a march of the oil workers”.

He also explained that the Bolivarian Government also remains in the streets guaranteeing the food for the Venezuelans and implementing policies in order to reduce the queue lines in private establishments.