Bolivarian Army expressed absolute loyalty to President Maduro

Hace 2 años.

Orlando Maneiro Gaspar, General Commander of the Bolivarian Army expressed in his behalf and that of the men and women who make this institution its absolute loyalty to President Nicolas Maduro.

He also assured the Venezuelan people that it has a patriot army, through which runs the blood of the brave fighters who fought for independence.

“You have an army committed with the people, with equality, social justice and especially with the Bolivarian and Socialist Revolution” This was stated during the ceremony of commemoration of the 193 years of the Naval Battle of Maracaibo Lake, conducted from Zulia state .

“Today our Army continues alongside our people, giving the battle to defend the Independence and Sovereignty of the country against the incessant claims of domination by foreign powers and their intention to introduce new forms of colonialism by installing neoliberal economic models whose only goal is the exploitation and appropriation of our wealth, generating poverty and misery”, said the commander of the National Bolivarian Army.

He added that “Commander Chavez was a leader who gave his body and soul to the defense of the Homeland, to contribute efforts for the union of the Latin American peoples with a deeply revolutionary character (…) For that example of struggle and depth in his ideas, we maintain our firm conviction of being a Revolutionary and Chavista Army” he said.