Bernal: Clap attends to more than 1,300,000 families weekly

Hace 1 año.

“Weekly, the Local Committees of Supply and Production are serving more than 1,347,000 families, equivalent to 5,600,000 people, for the next month are aimed to reach the weekly supplying of more than 2 million families for a total of 11 million people. ”

The information was released on Sunday by the national chief of the CLAP, Freddy Bernal, who gave a general overview of the work that have been doing the committees throughout the country, while participating in the “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program, broadcast by the private TV station Televen.

During his speech, Bernal said that, in figures has been from distributing 1,400 tons of food, in the CLAP early days, to 14,000 tons at present.

“Our projections for the coming months is that the items that have arrived to Venezuela in 34 boats will be distributed throughout the national territory, so we can say with responsibility that in October the country will have a 100% of supply of sugar, pasta, rice and food for animals, and so we will continue advancing with the other products”, he said.

Bernal also said that for now there are eight products within each CLAP bag and it aims to reach these to 12. “The Clap, which six months ago were so much criticized by the opposition, are today a reality that have been improving the economic situation we are currently going through “, he claimed.