Attorney General’s Office describes acts of the NA as unconstitutional

Hace 2 años.

The Attorney General of the Republic declared on Saturday the annulment of acts of the rightist National Assembly, by considering its unconstitutionality for contravening the decisions issued by the Supreme Court of Justice, by appointing citizens Julio Ygarza, Nirma Guarulla and Romel Guzamana as deputies by Amazonas state.

Reinaldo Muñoz, Attorney General of the Republic, said that with the appointment of these citizens as members of parliament, the National Assembly “has produced an unconstitutional and unlawful situation that can not be acknowledged nor supported by any bodies of the public power, until (the Assembly) returns to constitutionality. ”

“The Attorney General’s Office states that, in view of this unseemly act of the National Assembly, of contempt and fraudulent alteration of the formation of a collegial body, it is mandatory to determine the annulment of acts emanating from within as a result of the illegality in the constitution of the Venezuelan Parliament, even affecting the validity of their conveniments and quorum”, it expressed.

“This action by the National Legislative has no legal effect, and constitutes a Contempt to the decisions dictated by the Judiciary power in the exercise of their constitutional powers. This violates the Constitutional and Legal order, threatens the democratic process and the normal development of the institutions of public power in Venezuela”, reads the statement.

The text released by the Prosecutor also asserts that “the NA is illegally and unconstitutionally constituted”.