Attorney General: Freddy Guevara instigated the ignorance of the Venezuelan State

Hace 3 meses.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, pointed out that Freddy Guevara, member of the extreme right wing party, “Voluntad Popular”, promoted political violence and disobedience to the Venezuelan State between April and July this year.

The prosecutor indicated that the opposition leader “is one of the main responsible for the political violence, that used adolescents and minors” to propitiate irregular facts, “with the permanent instigation to the disobedience and the ignorance of the State”.

On November 6, the National Constituent Assembly approved the acquittal of Guevara’s parliamentary immunity, at the request of the Supreme Court of Justice, for being linked to the seditious plan that attempted against the peace of the nation that left a balance of 121 people killed and 1,958 injured.

Guevara, Vice President of the AN in a situation of judicial contempt, is accused of crimes of association, continued public instigation and use of adolescents to commit a crime.

This year he joined a group of political actors who lobbied international agents to promote a military intervention against Venezuela and a financial blockade that hinders the National Government’s access to credits and purchases of food and medicine. Since the beginning of this month, Guevara is in the Embassy of Chile in our country as a guest.