Arreaza: The Revolution will never sacrifice social investment

Hace 2 años.

“Despite the logic of the Government indicates that social spending should be reduced, the Bolivarian Government, under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro, will never sacrifice it, because it is an accumulated historic debt, and a right of the people”.

The statement was made by the Vice President for Social Development and Revolution of the Missions, Jorge Arreaza, during the installation of the International chapter of the Homeland Congress in the plenary of the social area.

From the spaces of the Bolivar Theater in Caracas, Arreaza highlighted the massive investment made by the Bolivarian Revolution in the area of human development, before an audience comprised by representatives of the United States, Colombia, Portugal, Mexico, El Salvador, between much others.

“The spirit of this meeting is to share the goals and policies that would not have been possible under the inherited schemes (…) That is why we are here, to explain how Commander Chavez designed the Missions and Great Missions, to reach the people with the force that the State snatched back from the Bourgeoisie “he affirmed.

Until July 14, the Congress will have several plenary sessions including the social, political, economic and communicational areas, which will be performed at the Teresa Carreño, Bolivar, National and Municipal theaters, located in the area of Bellas Artes and the Downtown of Caracas .