Armando Reveron and César Rengifo will be transferred Tuesday to the National Pantheon

Hace 2 años.

From Tuesday, the remains of the creators César Rengifo and Armando Reveron will enter the National Pantheon in Caracas, as part of a tribute by the Venezuelan people to these two cultural references, as informed the Minister for Culture, Freddy Ñáñez.

“Every patriot who enters the National Pantheon is a cultural reference in the sense that it does not represent itself, but is a symbol of social processes and organic subjectivities. Matea and Hippolyta are two of those who are awaiting their historical resignification. The woman and women in the memory of the nation”, expressed the minister.

In an interview with the Ciudad CCS newspaper, he said the activity will be accompanied by a cultural gala with the participation of Cecilia Todd, Ivan Perez Rossi, Ali Alejandro Primera, the band “Herencia” and the César Rengifo Movement Theater will offer a performance.

As part of the program, also on Tuesday in the House of Our Americas “Jose Marti”, located at the Pantheon boulevard in Caracas, will open at nine o’clock the exhibition “Reveron, the Light of Venezuela”.

Also at nine o’clock it will be made the demonstration workshop “Construction of Reveron dolls” with miniature characters by the Trebol Collective. The appointment will be at the Omar Khayyam square of the Libertador Forum (Downtown Caracas).

Also it will be made in the shop of the Art Network Foundation, the cinema forum “César Rengifo and the revolutionary commitment”, organized by the “Alma, Corazón y Vida” (Soul, Heart and Life) group.

At 1:00 pm is expected the arrival of the remains of Reveron and Rengifo to the National Pantheon and the Mausoleum of the Liberator, an activity that will be accompanied by the “Apacuana” play and a demonstration of the Yonna Wayuu dance.

On April 7, 2015 the National Assembly, then of a revolutionary majority, approved the proposal of President Nicolas Maduro to move creators Armando Reveron and César Rengifo to the National Pantheon.