Approved plans to strengthen fishing vessels fleet in the country

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, approved on Thursday a set of initiatives to strengthen the fleet of fishing vessels in the country and thereby increase the extraction, scoot and transfer of sea products for the feeding of Venezuelans.

From the port of La Guaira, in Vargas state, where he inspected on Thursday the reception of the  “Gran Roque” tuna fishing vessel, the Head of State approved an investment of 2 million euros for the acquisition of a refurbished vessel in Spain. “I have given the order to the Minister of Economy in the management of resources that are coming to proceed immediately to get those two million euros for that ship to arrive in Venezuela already”, he added.

The Head of State also approved a plan to purchase a completely new ship and instructed that, through the Public Banking are managed the foreign currencies necessary for this purpose.

“Since two years ago was made the request for the purchase of a new ship, knowing that we have a problem with currencies, but let us find, through the Bank of Venezuela, the Bandes, that is why we have the Economic Emergency Decree, let’s not let another month, two months pass by, in 15 days there must be already a response in feasibility, practicality, and do it, “he said.

In this regard, the President indicated that the Bolivarian Government seeks, through the purchase of ships, to transform Venezuela into a fishing power and in the context of that goal gave approval to the proposal to initiate processes of international procurement of strengthening of the fishing fleet.

“Internationally there is an oversupply of ships, we already know why, productive economy in the world came to nothing and the economy of the papers is what has replaced the productive economy, then there is a set of ships in the world on which we are interested, to strengthen our fleet and turn Venezuela into a fishing power”, he said.

Also, the National President approved the funding of 4 billion bolivars for the construction in the city of Cumaná, capital of Sucre state, the “Varadero Caribe” fishing complex, which will serve to attend the needs of ships regarding maintenance and refrigerators, in order to receive raw materials and for the ships to go out to sea again to continue their job.

Finally, he approved a project for the acquisition of a logistics ship, with a view to optimizing the fishing works in the Pacific Ocean, reducing operating costs and increasing the capture and scoot to the country