Approved Bs 770 million for relaunching plan of Mission Youth of the Homeland

Hace 1 año.

President Nicolas Maduro approved the relaunching of the Mission with an investment for the closing of this year of Bs 770 million earmarked for its expansion, growth and development. “Approved! these Bs. 770 million for expansion, growth and development for the Mission Youth of the Homeland. ”

With regards to the relaunching he assigned Bs. 1,000 million for the financing of productive initiatives of the mission through the National Youth Fund.

In addition, he elevated to Bs 15,000 the work scholarships for 10,000 brigadeers.; likewise, he decreed that a 30% of the funding of all loan portfolios of public and private banks are aimed at youth.

He said that starting next week will be delivered productive financings to the population that makes a living within the Mission Youth of the Homeland.

“I want, without fail, that in my weekly schedule is the participation in two or three events to deliver productive financing to the youth every week, and to have contact with youth, but without fail, in a disciplined manner, without failure”, said Maduro.

Finally, he stressed that in the coming days will be delivering a headquarters in downtown Caracas to the Mission Youth of the Homeland “Robert Serra”, for its full operation, which will allow to ensure its presence in the Basis of Socialist Missions.