Approved 60 billion for Governorships and Mayoralties of the country

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said on Tuesday that it was approved the amount of 60 billion bolivars for Governorships and Mayoralties in the country, as a product of the exceeding revenues of SENIAT.

He explained that the resources will be allocated for social investment, infrastructure and coverage of labor rights of the workers.

“We are such a constitutionalist Government and an achiever of legality, that that all these resources approved are already deposited in the accounts of all governorships and mayoralties, without discrimination of any kind,” he added.

Likewise, the Head of State also noted that Aristobulo Isturiz Almeida, as President of the Inter-Territorial Compensation Fund, will lead the Federal Council of Government.

For his part, the Vice President added that this is the second installment, the first was for 40 billion allocated for the first quarter of this year and this one, which represents an increase in the income.

He explained that each amount will be exposed publicly so that people know the amounts thareach Governor and Mayor will receive .

He announced that the next installment of resources will be made in September, because the process is quarterly.

Isturiz said that wage and food bonus increases were considered for the allocation of resources so they invited the governors and mayors to meet work commitments and not let them for year-end.