Announced new supply and production plan to protect the Venezuelan family

Hace 2 años.

This Wednesday at a press conference, the Vice President for Productive Economy, Miguel Perez Abad, presents a new system of pricing and the encouragement of production.

“The goal is to establish mechanisms for the maximum protection of the Venezuelan family through the balance of prices and increasing the productive economy,” said the senior official, while adding that its success will depend on the development of a structure of real costs, the encouragement of domestic production, monitoring and co-responsability.

“For as much efforts the Bolivarian Government makes, if the entrepreneurs, farmers and the people does not accompany it in this task, will not achieve the fundamental objectives”. he claimed.

The high official assured that the new system will achieve in a few months to impose fair prices on against the “bachaqueo” (hoarding and usury) and speculation, as well as to monitor and follow up the production and distribution of 50 staple items in high demand.

“We need the acknowledgement of the real costs, of prices that allows us the assurance of sustained production, as well as transparency in the structure of costs .The people of Venezuela is willing. We have met with the Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP) to know which elements are affecting the increase in prices and production costs”, he said.

During the activity were signed production agreements with various representatives of the pharmaceutical, food and personal hygiene fields.