ANC will be the space to continue building the Homeland

Hace 6 meses.

Constituent Sol Mussett, said that her participation in the National Constituent Assembly is part of following the legacy of Hugo Chavez and Ali Primera, in order “to continue building the Homeland for our children and grandchildren may have a beautiful and liberated Homeland, and may grow in harmony and in peace”.

During the “Dando y Dando” (Taking and Giving) program, broadcast by Radio Nacional de Venezuela, she stressed that it is necessary to foster dialogue and strengthen the Venezuelan democracy.

When asked about the aggression suffered by Servando Primera (her son), she expressed that: “It is a disrespect, and it is immoral. As a mother I felt a lot of anger, as a citizen I felt proud on that Servando Primera was not giving anything to anyone”.

Mussett added that in the mid-1980s public schools denied enrollment for her children, because his father – singer-songwriter Ali Primera – was a communist. “I was kicked out of the schools for being the wife of Communist Alí Primera, we have always been attacked”.