ANC decisions are strictly bound by law

Hace 6 meses.


The first Vice-President of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, said that the decisions taken by the National Constituent Assembly are strictly attached to the Constitution and laws.

During a popular mobilization in support of the ANC, he asserted that the removal of Luisa Ortega Díaz from her position as Attorney General of the Republic, as well as the appointment of Tareck William Saab for said post, is attached to law.

“The new Prosecutor is already working, dispatching, making decisions on issues that were paralyzed a long time ago in the Prosecutor’s Office, because it had become an appendage of the counter-revolution, impunity and violent acts”, he added.

Cabello reiterated that the fundamental task of the ANC is to work for the Homeland, peace and consolidation of the revolutionary process.

He affirmed that the constituent process is dynamic and has to do with the implementation of decision-making, which must be accompanied by a decree, a formal administrative act, to be effective.

He said that as pending issues are the review of the coexistence with powers, impunity, the attack on institutions.

“The clear theme of those who have called for violence in Venezuela and now they want to present themselves to be candidates for Governors, as if nothing had happened”, he said.