Almagro follows instructions of Southern Command when attacking Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

Members of the Great Patriotic Pole of Parlasur repudiate actions of the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, who in a fraudulent manner attempts to impose the US agenda in order to overthrow the constitutional Government of the National President, Nicolas Maduro.

Deputy to Parlasur, Angel Rodriguez, reported that Almagro made an absurd interpretation of Article 20 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, in odrer to usurp the functions of OAS Ambassadors.

“Like he was a planetary plenipotentiary authority, he declared Venezuela as a rogue state, in order to justify an armed intervention. This official does not have extraterritorial powers to subjugate the self-determination of sovereign countries. It is an abusive and disrespectful behavior. “.

The deputy said that it is intended to usurp the powers of an independent State, ignoring the authority and legitimacy of a democratically elected President. Almagro with his irresponsibility and political partisanship, encourages the OAS to step back in history and support again overthrows and imperial warfare actions against the peoples of America.

He noted that according to reliable international sources, Almagro acts on instructions from the United States Southern Command, which is one of nine military of forces combat of the Defense Department of this nation, with operations in South America and Central America and the Caribbean .

“The US power and the NATO have an important armed wing in the region, with major facilities in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru and Cuba, among others. They have positioned themselves in this geo-strategic framework, that would allow them to strike forcefully with their weapons power, if they so choose. ”

Congressman Rodriguez said they are trying to discredit the Bolivarian Revolution internationally, to create a matrix of opinion that supports a foreign invasion in Venezuela. They have coordinated an offensive, “pincers type” campaign, to isolate the country on several fronts.

“Washington does a mega-media show to justify its aggression. In this conspiracy are also involved representatives of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and diplomats from the US embassy in Caracas, “concluded the senator.