Alliance with Jordan, Dubai and Italy will allow construction of 13,912 housings

Hace 1 año.

On Tuesday the National Government signed an agreement with investment companies from Jordan, Dubai and Italy to further promoted the construction of homes across the Great Mission Housing Venezuela ( GMVV).

The information was announced by the Minister for Habitat and Housing, Manuel Quevedo, who noted that the project foresees the construction of 13,912 housings in Aragua state.

He said that not only the homes will be built, but also a residential complex of 137 buildings, which will include schools, health centers and recreational parks.

Quevedo also said that the construction system is highly ecological, anti-sismic, economical and fast.

With this housing project the National Government will serve more than 54,000 people, which will add to the more than 2 million who have already benefited through the Great Mission Housing.

“It’s an answer that is only possible thanks to investment and budget planning of the resources of the Bolivarian Government,” concluded the minister.