Alert! Opposition is set by Europe to generate violence before Spanish elections

Hace 2 años.

The Executive Vice President, Aristobulo Isturiz, said on Monday that the European right wing is now pressing the Venezuelan opposition in order to generate violence in the nation, before holding the elections in Spain.

In a civil-military act held from Sucre state (east), he said: “They are being pressed in order for something to occur, such as on February 27, 1989, for there to be people killed, or to force our armed forces to shoot the people; we will not do that”.

This Sunday, June 26, Spain will hold general elections to elect the new President of Government. According to what was announced by Isturiz, they attempt to generate violence before that date.

“Every day we must win the peace. This goal is placed in the hands of our Armed Forces, but it must be before in every man and woman”, he said.

He asked the population to remain mobilized and to confront politically, in the streets, any attempts at destabilization.