Alert! Head of State denounces new imperial onslaught against the Homeland

Hace 2 años.

Presidente Nicolás Maduro. (Archivo)
Presidente Nicolás Maduro. (Archivo)

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, denounced the new onslaught by the US empire and its local lackeys against the peace of Venezuela. The statements were offered during a meeting of the Homeland Congress.

“Given the failure of Ramos Allup, it is my turn”, said Obama, and made one of the most detestable things there may be, which is this interventionist decree and, for the first time, he announced that it is needed to change at once the Government of Venezuela” warned the National Chief.

He warned that the main target of Obama is Venezuela, as it is “the main engine of the Revolutionary changes of the 21st century”.

However, Maduro said that “they (The imperialism) may attack other countries, but they know that their main objective is to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution, to consolidate their new State of domination”.

Finally, he called on the revolutionary militancy to “revitalize our forces” in order to counter the new imperialism attacks against the homeland of Bolivar.