Agreed Price Act seeks to stabilize the national economy

Hace 4 meses.

Constituent Eduardo Piñate, asserted that the Agreed Price Act seeks to stabilize the national economy, which has had a constant attack by the economic war for more than three years by national and international factors.

From the protocolary chamber, in an ordinary session on Tuesday of the ANC, Piñate assured that the national economy is hit by a “very high inflation induced through mechanisms that have nothing to do with the real relations of the Venezuelan economy,” he said. .

He assures that these do not respond to any economic law or doctrine that explain the mess in the system of pricing in Venezuela, said that it responds to political interests of sectors of the oligarchy.

The Constituent pointed out that the economy has a high monopoly content that hegemonizes production, imports the distribution of goods and services throughout the national territory and directly affects the Venezuelan people.

He explained that this legal regulation will promote dialogue with the productive sectors and the national economy to monitor and jointly fix the prices of 50 products, goods and services.

“Agreeing prices should allow the consolidation of food sovereignty and sovereign supply to Venezuelans.”

He concluded by saying that the social control will be an important bulwark for the consolidation and fulfillment of this law.