Activated Banking and Finance Motor to boost productive sectors in the country

Hace 2 años.

As part of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, was activated on Wednesday the Banking and Finances Engine with the aim of promoting strategies in various productive sectors of the nation.

The installation took place in the Simón Bolívar Hall of the headquarters of the Central Bank of Venezuela, in Caracas, and was led by the Minister of Finances and Banking, Rodolfo Medina, accompanied by the Executive Vice President, Aristobulo Isturiz; the President of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Rodolfo Marco Torres, and the Vice President for the Economic Area, Miguel Perez Abad.

During his speech, Medina said the Public Banking has made the strengthening of the banking socialization through all mechanisms of investment and social credit raised by the Bolivarian Government to boost productive activity.

Likewise, He assured that it is being worked to “bring an administrative fund that allows to give a more efficient service to the people” and stressed that this engine has an innovative structure committed to the sum of supreme happiness.

“This engine allows us to provide financial strategies that may leverage the productive sectors,” added Medina, while explaining that the engine is composed by four sectors: banking, securities and values: “The banking sector has been strengthened in recent years both in the public and private sectors, that in total are 34 financial institutions. ”

He mentioned that for 2015 and so far this year, have been delivered the necessary credits for strengthening the productive sector, “by 2015 a 20% of loans are for the mortgage industry, this year the tourism sector rose to 5.25% “.

For the agricultural sector, he explained that by the end of April had an allocation of 5,000 billion. “Another point to highlight is how healthy is today the financial sector, presenting solvency and liquidity indicators that are even above the parameters established by the banking sector”.