83% of Venezuelans believes necessary to renew opposition leadership

Hace 9 meses.

According to the most recent opinion poll by the Hinterlaces polling firm, an 83% of the people consulted considered that “new people are needed to lead the opposition”, while a 15% of respondents disagreed with this opinion, and 2% did not answer.

In the study, which was developed on the basis of 1,580 direct interviews in households across the country from April 17 to May 3, a 70% of respondents said that “the opposition is very divided,” up from a 27% who said to Disagree, and a 3% who did not respond.

For 69% of those interviewed: “The opposition still does not have a strong leader to represent it,” a sign that was rejected by a 30% of respondents, who disagreed. As for the political leadership of the right wing, a  61% considered that: “it is still driven by the old leaders from the fourth republic”, an appreciation that was rejected by a 34% of the people.

When asked whether “the opposition should help President Maduro resolve the country’s economic problems”, a 76% said they agreed, a 23% disagreed and a 1% did not respond.

This report, presented by journalist José Vicente Rangel, also shows that 59% of Venezuelans considered that: “The opposition is not thinking about Venezuela’s welfare, but about taking power”, a sign that was rejected by a 38% of those consulted.