51% of Venezuelans believe the ANC will contribute to solving supplies shortage

Hace 6 meses.

A 51% of the people consulted believe that the National Constituent Assembly, whose members were elected on July 30, will help solve the problem of supply shortages and the high cost of living.

Out of this 51%, a 33% showed very favorable and an 18% somewhat favorable to the role that the Constituent Power will play in the economic issue, while an 18% considered that it will help little and a 35% that it will not contribute to the solution of the problem.

In the study, presented by journalist José Vicente Rangel during the “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program, broadcast by the private TV station Televen, a total of 45% of the respondents considered that the CLAP contributes to solving the shortage.

Out of this total, 22% said that this measure by the Government helps a lot, 23% something, 23% little, while 31% was contrary to the CLAP and a one percent said they did not know.

These data are derived from the most recent study conducted between August 18 and 20, based on 1,580 direct interviews in households across the country.