2,000 Alimentation Houses serve the most vulnerable population

Hace 5 meses.

The Minister of People’s Power for the Communes and Social Movements, Kyra Andrade inaugurated on Tuesday the Alimentation House of the Guasimal Socialist Missions Base, in the Girardot municipality of Aragua state, the 2,000th being opened in the national territory.

Thanks to this initiative of the Bolivarian Government will be served from now on will care for children, pregnant and lactating women among others who deserve to be included.

Minister Andrade said that the Alimentation Houses currently serve 407,125 Venezuelans in the Alimentation houses program, of which 35% are boys and girls, 12% are adolescents, 17% are young, 17% are adults and 19% are elders.

At the Guasimal urbanism are also active two Missions and Great Missions: Mission Barrio Adentro, People’s Guard, Great Mission Homes of the Homeland, and the Francisco de Miranda Front.

Rodolfo Marco Torres, a candidate for the Governorship of Aragua state for the revolutionary forces, pledged to continue the legacy of Hugo Chávez, and provide support to the neediest, older adults, mothers of the country, and boys and girls” He said.

“We are sure that we will do an excellent job to consolidate the empowered Aragua, we will continue giving continuity to all these works, and among them the Alimentation Houses to reach more people in Aragua, and likewise for this to support the chain of large, medium and small producers that are articulated with the local economy”, added Torres.

For her part, one of the brigadeers of the “Somos Venezuela” (We All Are Venezuela) movement, thanked President Nicolás Maduro for the delivery of this Alimentation House. “It gives me great joy to have participated in the communities in the census so that the people of Aragua had their Alimentation House, which now has 150 beneficiaries and could reach up to 200 people”, he said.