18 years ago Chavez inscribed the candidacy that consolidated the way to the Revolution

Hace 2 años.

This Sunday marks 18 years since Commander Hugo Chavez inscribed before the then Supreme Electoral Council his candidacy for the Presidential elections which would be held on December 6, 1998, as reminded the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, through his official account on Facebook.

“We still remember how a sea of people filled the Plaza Caracas, where began the road to consolidate the Bolivarian Revolution, the Constituent Assembly of the people and the end of the “puntofijismo” (*) for the birth of the Fifth Republic,” wrote the President on his profile, a message that was accompanied with a photograph where can be seen the revolutionary leader, with a fist raised, triumphant, along with his then partner and close friend, now president of all Venezuelans.

Likewise he recalled the words of the then candidate, who at that time said: “A Soldier as I am, I ask to that God of ours to let me live up to the height of this moment, of a collective feeling, up to the level to fully interpret the time we represent, the time of the rebirth of a historic project. ”

Commander Hugo Chavez came to power through the will of the people expressed that December 6, 1998, transforming Venezuela’s political history forever, giving real power to the people and consolidating the participatory democracy in the country.

(*): Refers to the “Punto Fijo Pact” with which the two main right wing parties of the Fourth Republic took turns into power.